VHM is a Dutch company that is specialised in developing, testing and producing high quality racing products for roadrace and motorcross engines. All VHM racing products are manufactured and controlled with high accuracy by our own engineering works. With the help of experience gained in 2-stroke tuning, VHM develops various products of high quality. VHM is producing exchangeable cylinderheads, crankshafts and reed valves for 2-stroke engines

Performance and development in motor sports is very important. One of the best features of all VHM products is that they are made totally in house from the initial design to final machining. The drawings are made with a full 3D program from Solid Works. The cylinder head inserts and outer heads are designed individually and come together in an assembly to suite the application required.

After initial design VHM will produce the cylinder heads from billet material using CNC-machining process. The outer head is developed for strength and improved cooling. The correct combustion chamber design is essential allowing the engine to produce the best power delivery at the required point. This design feature will allow you to run the engine power setting the way you want. We have many different combustion chambers available so it is possible to make an engine with improved low end power, top end power or anything in between.

To ascertain which design works best we test the different combustion chambers in a number of ways. VHM has had a dynamometer specially built to which can be used for a complete motorbike or just the engine. After initial bench testing we turn to the track using many top G.P riders and teams for final testing, sometimes what works on the dyno may not work well on the track. Testing makes a better product. This allows not only more power but also a better quality finished product. VHM are the world leaders in two stroke cylinder head and component development and will use this knowledge for better design and function racing components now and in the future.


Got a question on VHM products?
  The manual (below) was made by VHM to give a clear insight into the way of measuring that is used by VHM. And to see the advantages of this way of measuring.

In order to have a precise way of measuring, VHM has designed special tools. These tools are:

  • a piston height measuring tool,
  • a volume measuring mould (for combustion chamber volume measurement) and
  • a pipette with fine adjustment.

With these tools you can find very precisely the volume of a combustion chamber.

Click the link below to download the manual in pdf format.